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The terracotta tradition in Rajasthan dates back to the Harappan age. Today too it continues, as it is one of the interesting pieces of art for the tourists. Most of these are made in the villages of Rajasthan. The state's excellent artistry has been instrumental in creating some of the most phenomenal images or art forms.

A mixture of clay is used to on the potter's wheel and pots of various shapes and sizes are created manually. Patience, concentration and meticulousness are highly required to make the pots.

These delicate pieces of art are made of fuller's earth, quartz, raw glaze and sodium sulphite. Partly made in moulds and partly on the wheel these are decorated with various designs on the surface with the help of cobalt colour.


Aloha Gam - Site Survey - Studio Exercise


As a part of our studio exercise, we were taken to a nearby village called Aloha Village, which is 50 kms from Gandhinagar. We were all given different tasks. As per the exercise we were divided into three groups, where all the three study different areas. I studied the "Hill Section" of the area, and as to my observations, the topmost area of the hill was about 11 m from the ground level. It was a dry area. Different levels of contour were also present. 

The main idea of this acitivity is to create a housing space on the hilly area for two people, who like to study geology.. amidst the contours by scooping the land and creating plinths.