‘Nakashima at NID’ an exhibition of furniture designed by the celebrated Japanese-American woodworker George Nakashima who spent his time at NID during 1964, opened at NID, Main Campus, Ahmedabad today in presence of his daughter Mira Nakashima, his son Kevin Nakashima apart from Jonathan Yarnall, Kosuke Nagami and other dignitaries.

NID's unique collection of furniture designed by George Nakashima including classic designs like the Grass-seated chair, the Mira chair and the unique Kornblut chair and cabinet that symbolize the coming together of Japanese and Indian sensibilities have been displayed.
Mira Nakashima was kind to explain, in detail, the objects that were exhibited.
After the opening, a visit for her and other guests to the NID's wood workshop and to the display of furniture designed by NID students was organised.


 Not to be missed!!!