Wind pump design is done by Dr. Kari Appa, a retired aerospace engineer, started Appa Technology Initiatives (ATI) in 1998 to develop new technologies in Aerospace and Wind Energy. In 2000, he was awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission to demonstrate proof-of-concept of a Contra Rotor Wind Turbine System (“CRWT”) using a pair of two-bladed 4 meter rotors and a pair of 3 kW permanent magnet alternators. The outcome of the study show that the leeward rotor of a CRWT could extract an additional 30-40% more power from a wind stream. Dr. Appa has been awarded 5 U.S. Patents for CRWT-related inventions. Dr. Kari Appa can be reached by Tel: 91-80-2553-9873 , Email:

Wind pump is being used since long from the nineteenth century for water pumping and irrigation, for flour mills. The video explains the basic mechanism of the wind mill, thanks to Akshay and his team for the information.