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Documentation of Vernacular Houses - Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Location: Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Skill: Measure Drawing

Duration: 7 days


As a part of my Summer School, I participated in documenting the Vernacular houses of Bir, Himachal Pradesh. Bir is a village located in the west Joginder Nagar Valley, in Northern India. It is known as the "Paragliding Capital of India".

Vernacular architecture’ is defined as any regional system of domestic building design and construction that is passed on through generations as local tradition and (historically) is learned through practice rather than through formal academic study.

The houses in this region exists from about 60 to 70 years. The village is mainly divided into two regions - The lower region known as "Dhanadi" and the upper region - "Badi". There is also an earthern eco institute which is located about 5 kms from the main village called 'Dharmalaya'.

The main construction materials used in the village are Stone for walls, Timber for roofing, Slate tiles used on the roofing. The walls were furthered layered with mud, and plaster on the stone for insulation of the houses.


Uttrayan - Festival of Kites and Colours.

Makar Sankrati or Uttrayan as we call it. is a festival of kites. It is celebrated each year on 14th of January. All over the country people celebrate it with kites, food, music and what not. As for me, I don't know how to fly kites, so each year I celebrate it with dozens of colourful gas balloons. This is one here is a picture of me, from the day of Uttrayan.



Wall Art - Chicago Graffiti - Talent City offers.


A person who loves the moon.


People in Chicago loves coloring and painting walls. As you walk around the streets you find great Graffiti Pictures drawn by different groups of the city Graffiti Painters. Chicago web site is worth visiting to see Beautiful Graffiti drawn across the walls in City of Chicago.

Willis Tower (Sears Tower-1973) - South Wacker Drive Tower.


Black Willis Tower (Formerly Sears Tower) was the tallest building built i 1973. While South Wacker Drive Tower reflects massing and shape element and more decoration with large circular crown at the Top that is lighted to make more visible in night. 

Chicago Architecture Foundation is good resource to understand more about Chicago Architecture and they regularly conducts Architectural Trips around the city.

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