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My New Canon M50 Camera


My new Canon M50 Camera and my shoot out was for Ahmedabad Heritage Building in Old City of Ahmedabad. I enjoyed selecting model Canon M50 by studying various camera review sites like ; .

We had two brands in mind, Nikon and Canon. After a study and with help of my father I opted for Canon brand because of its quality lenses and New Digital Sensor.

Canon M50 was handy which I liked most for convenience and is only camera having 4K video recording and mirror less shooting. 

Heritage Houses Mapping Ahmedabad


Our Study tour for Mapping Ahmedabad Heritage Building for UNECSO project was undertaken by our college and by Class. It was interesting to see and observe construction material, method of construction in Ahmedabad Old City Area. 

As we observe lintel construction, Jalli System in windows, Method of Application of Wooden Frames , Wooden Column with broaden based carved at bottom and steps directly leading to the entrance door while people displaying rich color and wall graffiti with religious values on the left side of the entrance door. 

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